KC Going for 7 Postseason Wins in a Row

They’re still at IT! We’re talking about the Kansas City Royals here! Let’s talk about taking the postseason by storm, its a tornado of an entrance and presence by these guys.

With 2 games to win and 5 chances to do so to print tickets for a World Series against either the even Cardinals or Giants, they’re certainly in the driver’s seat, practically driving a Sherman tank.

They can certainly fit all the egos inside the Army transport, because these guys are loose, having fun, hitting well, and for power. If the Orange Birds don’t win one, they will be long forgotten. I think, I can remember the Cubs and KC going at it during Arizona’s Cactus League spring training in ’09. The only guys hanging around since then are Alex Gordon and on the svelte side, Billy Butler, not quite at John Kruk-size.

Will they make it to the World Series? Who knows, though likely. Will they go undefeated? Unlikely. Will they run the table? Heavens no. But they have been fun, refreshing, and not everyone has the Sharia law, terrorist beard thankfully. They have been hard to not watch, really, especially at the end of the game.

Here’s to hoping they do themselves, their team, city, friends and family proud, they’ve already been incredibly respectable, thus far, which really should be credited either way, as if they’ve gone the whole way. Here’s to especially, definitely hoping they offer a good showing for a very young team if they make the Series. Maybe, they’ll even hit a bunch  more home runs, which they’re not supposed to do, since they hit so few during the regular season (the lowest totals of HRs in the league.)

It would certainly be freaky to see the Royals-Cardinals in the World Series. Partly because they had something of a controversial play in their Game 6, 1985. Almost 30 years, that’s wild, incredible, amazing to consider, for sure all 3.

That will bring out a Baseball Reunion for sure, maybe some bad feelings. Though, I think, the Cardinals had won the year before and probably 4 World Series since then. (Actually they’d won in ’82 and waited 26 years themselves to bring home the metal again.)

So, this could be the big bitter baseball pill to swallow. Would love to see it, so would baseball.

Here’s hoping for the Battle of Mizzou, Part 2. Cardinals and Royals to get it on before the cameras and bright lights of the World.

Can I say it?

Yeah, Bring It On, Redbirds and Crowns!

Let’s Get Ready for the Heartland to Rumble!!

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Matt Redman: A Davidic Heart, Worship Leader Extraordinaire

All the way home I was intending to post about another topic. On the ride, scanning the radio dial of so many secular tunes, in the car gusts his voice singing “Heart of Worship.” It stops the flow, shudders the proceedings, and restarts my soul.

That song is epic! Did he write it? He owns it!

Wow! Did he even mention Jesus name in the lyrics? (I guess, that’s bad to not know.)

Listening later, I stop when he says, “You’re looking into my heart.” Can’t tell if its God looking into my heart, but I believe he was looking into Redman’s. A former pastor of mine referred to him as “Matt Red Hot,” seemed odd at the time coming from a dude.

And the surprising thing is ,I was coming back from a coffee date, ready to watch a movie and eat a lot of popcorn. I’ve been on a few of those kind of dates lately. I don’t have a good schedule for lots of single’s functions.

I’m looking up the lyrics. I’ll be brief here, but even the youtube comments are uplifting. I’ve repeated the song 5+ times. The backup vocals intrigue. I see so many related topics, obviously he started a whole theology with that song’s name, “Heart of Worship.”

Hopefully, its drawn me closer to more than My Maker, but the Friend of my soul. I need more praise in my life.

It’s all about you Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

As I sing the lyrics, for a moment I hear a whisper, barely a heartstring, say, “I so love you, Roger”

My internal resonating response a short thought later (“But, oh how I hate my job”) “help, Jesus”…
…it’s all about You
Ema Vargová 8 months ago: very nice song, it brings peace to my heart

caleb hand 6 months ago: I can’t tell you how many times this song lifts me out of the pit, it is such a powerful song. praise god til he returns!


[Verse 1:]
When the music fades
And all is stripped away
And I simply come
Longing just to bring
Something that’s of worth
That will bless your heart
I’ll bring You more than a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the ways things appear
You’re looking into my heart

I’m coming back to the heart of worship
And it’s all about You
All about You, Jesus
I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it
When it’s all about You
It’s all about You Jesus

[Verse 2:]
King of endless worth
No one could express
How much You deserve
Though I’m weak and poor
All I have is Yours
Every single breath
I’ll bring You more than just a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
You’re looking into my heart

I’m coming back to the heart of worship
And it’s all about You
All about You, Jesus
I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it
When it’s all about You
It’s all about You Jesus
Its all about you

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Angels and Athletics Get the Royal Treatment

Well, suffice it to say, I meant to open the real rounds of postseason baseball, the Division Series, with some predictions and I’m glad I didn’t have time to get the posts in because they were way off.

To the Royals I certainly tip the cap. Three extra inning wins to start a postseason. Then decimating the Angels in three, with the last a landslide win against the best team in baseball’s regular season. They seem like the Minnesota Twins, last place to World Series champs in a couple of years. Actually, it was a lot more years, it just seemed like a couple, since I spent the summer there, way back in ’82. And, they seemed to be the biggest bunch of no names ever.

Has any other team ever won three straight postseason games?

I was watching that Wild Card Game with the A’s. They wore me out in the 9th-10th-11th. They had a chance to win that game each turn, got a man to 3rd each try, and couldn’t send him home. Skipping the 12th, I didn’t find out till the night of the 1st game with the Angels, may have been before Game 2, even.

The Royals stunned me. I’m pulling for ’em.

It’s nice to see a small market team get their due, and one that doesn’t overtalk, out-talk, and hype their talk and play with a non-World Series season being turned into movie, which was a great liberal baseball movie, hopefully a one and done genre.

Okay, now to weigh in, be transparent, and awful. I picked the Angels, Tigers, Nationals over whomever because I want to see Obama get forced to watched the National Pastime, though he should be open and honest about a lot of other things first. I wanted the Cards, the class of baseball, except I didn’t think they’d beat the Dodgers (I wanted to see the Cards and Angels in the WS). With my real pick over personal preference, going with the Angels over the Giants.

Nevermind, go Royals.

By the way is this a spiritual statement. It will be if the Royals beat the Athletics, Angels, Orange Birds, and the Giants or Nationals.

Let’s not have a rematch of the Royals – Cardinals. Thought it was intriguing to hear Bill James is a Royals fan. Who’d have thunk that one. Also, getting credit for a curse of sorts for the Royals waiting 29 years. (that’s a curse jr., and that’s a joke)

It is great to see Ambassador George Brett smiling.

Go Royals.

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Oh, the Summer Winds, Please Come Back before the North Wind Returns

There’s a difference in the winds. Oh, how I miss summer already, especially the warm evenings. I really should be in Florida still.

I would’ve like to have heard Frank Sinatra regale this one for the first time, knowing another had written and recorded it. Which reminds me of an Elvis Presley tune that’s been played a lot for the “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial, Bossa Nova Baby might as well be everywhere. (Actually its a different adult bev.)

My life has had its best moments in Spring and Summer. Lately neither has been as highly esteemed as in younger days. Obviously no one talks as much about Winter. No one really asks how your Winter’s been? Or did you have a great Winter? Or you must have had the time of your life last Winter. Nope, no one says it.

Instead my trip to the Bahamas, the cruise actually on, well, the end of Summer. The Singles retreats are always Spring or oops the end of Summer. The Walt Disney trip of my youth was in June, definitely. At least all those Huck Finn watering hole, pool swimmin days were in the 3 month layoff.

Lately, I’ve come across the concept of God sending, us inviting the North Wind. You may think, as I do, God we’ve got a lot on our plate, do we really need a North Wind Invitation? There’s a deterrence obviously to the concept. It’s not about having more comfort, or dealing with  impatience, or triumphing at or over perseverance.

But the bells of Basic Trust seem to be ringing.

Do you hear them? What does it mean for you to trust Him?.. To trust him to trim you back like a branch

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The Last, Best Weekend in Baseball

Before the pomp and all the jet fly-bys, the intros and the celebrities, the special interviews and the long series let’s-talk-the-season’s flashbacks, there’s a very dramatic weekend of games.

This is it! Three games! Someone’s not gonna make it to the real deal postseason games coming up next, though for two more teams, more will only be one more game for them as well.

And then there’s the going nowhere-this-year spoiler teams fighting those in the hunt over three games. No sport does it like this. For the other sports, at most, the teams will see each other maybe twice over the last three games. But in baseball, this is how you develop your rivalry, by getting knocked out over a last weekend, three games, three days straight. (It’s probably why the Cleveland Indians did not have the heart to stick around this season, after winning their last ten last year and still didn’t make it to the postseason.) This years spoilers include Minnesota, Cincinnati, Texas, Chicago’s Southsiders, Arizona, the Los Angeles Angels (the only team that can be both in the postseason and a spoiler team.)

I’ve already posted what my shockers, most shocking ending for the season. But, really, will there be any surprises? Of the five races left, only the Central-West conflicts could put somebody completely out of the race, or at least leave them clutching the edge to baseball’s oblivion. Detroit, KC, Oakland and Seattle have a layered fight. Though the worst it would mean is that only one of these teams and their city won’t make it, while the others are jockeying for placements. Detroit could slide into some rough trouble, going from today’s top spot as division leader to being a visitor on a playoff game for a wild card spot.

So much left unfinished. So much left unknown.

–Better watch it!

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The Singles Church

There is a solution for Churches and their Singles which will arrive in the next 10 years.

I can just picture a church specifically set to elevate the three-fold focus of Singles: to praise, serve, and adore their God; share their giftings in leading others into a personal saving connection and experience with their God; and to find a spouse to love, serve, and enjoy journeying through this life with and into the next. When singles relocate, spend a season, or temporarily pilgrimage to this area and then likely re-relocate or return to be closer to one of the spouse’s family after they’ve married. At this point you will see Churches take seriously the 46-50+% of people who are today unmarried.

Currently singles are not ministered to even with a class in most churches. They are now more likely advised to go with Marrieds, while Marrieds will have retreats and classes, lectures and conferences to assist them in their marriage and current state of challenge.

A little over ten years ago I went to a spirit filled church with over a hundred, maybe 150+ singles in attendance on many Sundays in a singles class. Apparently one singles pastor built up the group, then left to start another local congregation. Interestingly, the next singles pastor, in my opinion, may receive credit for marrying off a good number of those in the ministry. Then after his leaving the singles began to languish. I applaud both these men.

But now, Singles Ministries are dropping like flies around the U.S., while at the same time volunteerism and service by Singles in churches is still at a very prominent percent. Is there a reason for the fallout? There appears to be bit of chasm now in the community as witnessed by stories of recent years in publications and online:

Are Singles People the Lepers of Todays Church?*
Why My Church Doesn’t Have a A Singles Ministry
How Not to Help All the Single Ladies
Singles Out: How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults
Pew for One: How Is the Church Responding to Growing Number of Singles
Do Unto Singles: Suggestions for the Church
Singles – Why Are Churches So Bad at Dealing with Them
Singles and the Church: Why It Sucks to be Unintentionally Overlooked
Why Singles Belong in Church Leadership
Surviving Church as a Single


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As The Shockers Turn Toward The Cardinals Way

We’re down to less than 10 games. And they are in the driver’s seat AGAIN. Amazing! Those St. Louis Cardinals going for World Series #12.

They’re doing it without a good part of the celebrated staff of last year. Though they added a World Series winning starter in John Lackey. They bid adieu since last year to two of their strongest hitters in Allen Craig and Carlos Beltran, and another who practically won them their last World Series, their World Series MVP, David Freese

How do you lose all those, almost the “Biggest Shocker of the Year,” is that they’re holding on to first place. How do they do it? They barely have a hitter over  300, John Jay, has made the case for their great hitting continuing. That’s it for stellar hitting.

Will they win it all? Probably not. They don’t have a real 1-2 punch combo for RBIs. But they are something, they just about have the best baseball I.Q. and smartest baseball conscious and such a focused team year after year.

The other shocking turn of events has the Pittsburgh Pirates right there. There could still be a serious shift that could leave the Cardinals out of the postseason from some kind of epic fall, leaving the Pirates, Brewers, Giants to take the last of the spots. The Pirates have been consistently stable all  season, right there in the race. Truly barring a major drop the Greatest Shocker of the Season would be to see first go to another, then the Cardinals. More than Oakland dropping out, the heartbreaking of the Royals, or Robinson Cano making it in and not Jeter.

The Cardinals wont be shocked. They do it the right way. They do it the RIGHT way, the Cardinal way.

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